Do you want to connect your pedals to the MOMO? Or maybe you just want to bypass the terrible wireharness so you can stuff away the MOMO pedals that you don't use anyway?



Even before I bought my Logitech MOMO Force wheel, I was aware that the MS pedals I had was better than the pedals that comes with the MOMO. So I made an adapter that lets me connect the MS pedals to the MOMO wheel. This adapter can also be used to connect other pedals, or if you have a high end pedal set as a separate controller, you can use the adapter to eliminate the need to have the MOMO pedals connected just to power the wheel. The fact that some games does not support multiple controllers and that it's possible to use the MOMO wheel on a Playstation 2, makes it interesting to sometimes connect a high end pedal set directly to the wheel instead of as a separate controller. Please drop me a line if you are interested in the possibility to connect your pedals to the MOMO and I can see what I can do.

The adapter is made so that no modification to the wheel, pedals or original wiring is necessary. It's made for the original MOMO, the one with leather and red case, not the new Logitech MOMO Racing Force. It will not be compatible to the new MOMO (Racing Force), or any other Logitech wheels. The adapter is for sale as a circuit board or an assembled adapter. It uses a standard USB cable. You can get one from me, but it will add to the shipping cost so you might as well get one locally.

Because the MOMO and MS pedals are set up differently, the gas axis will be reversed. This can be fixed by reversing the axis in the Wingman Profiler, or it can be done in the game/sim menu. The adapter has been tested to work properly with GPL, F1 2002, Netkar, LFS and NFS PU. There is no guarantee that the adapter will work with any title, but a game/sim with half decent controller support should be OK.

Make sure you have read the above paragraphs, and understand the adapters limitations before you continue to actually buy one


The schematics below shows how the MOMO and the adapter are wired.
You will find this useful if you want to build a similar adapter or modify your MOMO on your own.

Schematics: MOMO Force wiring: MOMO Force.pdf
  MS Pedal Adapter wiring: Adapter.pdf
  MOMO Racing Force pedal wiring MOMO Racing Force.pdf

Please send a mail to jone -at- tytlandsvik -dot- no if you have any questions.

I would be interested if you have information on how different pedal sets are wired. Any Wheel/Pedal modification links are also of interest as I would like to build a link page.

Take care and drive fast!

Jone Tytlandsvik
Stavanger, Norway