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Circuit board for MS Pedal adapter for Logitech MOMO wheel 12 €
MS Pedal adapter for Logitech MOMO wheel 30.5 €
MS Pedal adapter for Logitech MOMO wheel with 1m/3ft USB cable 43 €
MS Pedal adapter for Logitech MOMO wheel with 2m/6ft USB cable 43 €

I suggest you purchase just the adapter from me and get the USB cable locally as it adds considerably to the shipping cost. It's a standard USB cable.


Other options

If you live in Norway, or have a bank with sensible fees, you can just transfer money to my account. Drop me a mail with your shipping address. If you want to use other currencies than Euro, just convert to the currency of your choice using the middle course.

Address and payment:

Jone Tytlandsvik
Musegaten 44
4010 Stavanger

Bank account: 9710.34.23701

Union Bank of Norway
Postboks 1172 Sentrum
0107 Oslo

Swift code UBNONOKK

You can pay at the post office when you receive the package (What’s this called in English?)
This will add 6 € to the shipping cost, and there will be a fee to pay at your end. This fee will vary depending on where you are in the world, in Finland it is 10 €

Send me money in an envelope.
Seems like a bad choice but it can be done.

Pricing and shipping




    Norway Scandinavia Europe rest of the World
Just the circuit board 10 € 1 € 1 € 1.5 € 1.5 €
Assembled Adapter 28 € 1 € 1.5 € 2 € 2.5 €
Adapter with USB cable 35 € 3 € 3.5 € 6 € 8 €

Jone Tytlandsvik
Stavanger, Norway